Our in house catering team offer high quality catering services all year round to members and guests. Selby host numerous different occasions such as dinners and lunches throughout the year and there is opportunity to accommodate 100 people for a dinner in our restaurant.

A common choice by our guests includes lunches, breakfast meetings and evening meals. Please feel free to enquire should you have any dates in mind.

Additionally, we also offer facilities and catering for a meeting or a quiet lunch for a smaller numbers of guests. Room hire is available to book by calling the office, details below.

Groups requiring packages are asked to contact the office when booking. We have a range of popular packages available to book to suit the majority of groups. Please see the visitor info page to address pricing. If your party only requires a small lunch or you decide whilst you are here that you would like food, please feel free to contact the kitchen staff on the day who will be more than happy to accommodate your group. We advise afternoon groups to inform kitchen staff prior to playing if they would like food following their round ending in the evening.