Open Results

Results of the Latest Open Events

Seniors Open - Thursday 13th June 2024
1st Martin Sawkins (Abbeydale) & Simon Lobsey (Abbeydale)
2nd Peter Short (Abbeydale) & Steve Brosnan (Abbeydale)
3rd Jonathon Sewell (Beverley) & Alan Brooke (Beverley)
4th Robert Stevenson (Scarcroft) & Shaun Kavanagh (Hessle)
5th Mark Stephenson (Huddersfield) & Andrew Russell (Huddersfield)
6th Tim Lewis Knowlson (Malton & Norton) & Bill Rank (Malton & Norton)
7th Michael Pratt (Otley) & M Yeates (Otley)
8th Steve Kelly (Ashby Decoy) & Howard Craven (Ashby Decoy)
9th David Hearfield (Bridlingotn) & Craig Watson (Outlane)

Nearest the Pin on 5th Andy Wightman (Otley)
Nearest the Pin on 10th Gary Ingham (Shipley)

Rabbits Open - Sunday 19th May 2024
Winners Duncan Hall and Bhupendra Patel with 46 points to receive £60 each
Second Kam Parmar and Ian Archibald with 44 points to receive £50 each
Third Ian Wilson and Lutz Kock with 44 points to receive £40 each
Fourth Stephen Coward and David Hanby with 44 points to receive £30 each
Fifth M Barnes and A Todd with 43 points to receive £20 each.

Monday 4th March-2024
Winter Am-Am

1st - - £50 Each
D. Forster, R. Crowley, N. Pratt, K. Tate (91 points)

2nd - - £25 Each
M. Kirby, A. Smith, A. Langley, M. Garland (90 points)

3rd - - £15 Each
A. Wright, B. Grant, J. Hyde, L. Medhurst (89 points)

4th D. Baxter, S. Taylor, E. Bell, F. Khatibi (89 points)
5th S. Mews, C. Clarkson, P. Woodall, A. McKelvie (88 points)
6th K. Moss, N. Grant, S. Fearm. R. Keywood (85 points)
7th G. Hayward, A. Meakin, M. Moy, S. Lang (85 points)
8th D. Appleyard, P. Woods, B. Stephenson, S. Tomlinson (83 points)
9th N. Kaye, R. Brown, A. Boothroyd, I. Gledhill (82 points)
10th G. Birch, T. Sprott, S. Heald, K. Townend (81 points)
11th J. Ashton, N. Herbert, D. Earnshaw (79 points)
12th K. Harris, P. Hemingway, A. Lawrence, J. Rochester (79 points)
13th M. Grundy, N. Fewings, S. Lanaway, J. Lanaway (78 points)
14th G. Catt, E. Catt, C. Lightfoot, R. Lightfoot 76 points)
15th L. Childs, T. Murphy, S. Gaunt (76 points)